As part of my Web Based Coaching programs, I perform visual assessments to determine areas of imbalance, tightness, excessive mobility or lack of mobility.  You videotape yourself performing a few simple exercises, and send them to me (YouTube, email, etc.).  I will analyze & edit the video with comments & visual notes via the Coach’s Eye app, and send it back to you.  If feasible, we can perform these assessments in person.

With this assessment information, we build the perfect training program for you to strengthen your body as a whole, and correct imbalances in  muscles that could be pulling your joints off track.  These imbalances – tight, over-active, inhibited or amnesic muscles – could be causing knee pain, low back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc.  Correcting these imbalances frees up the body to move unrestricted, which in turn increases strength and efficiency.

I don’t just build training programs for you.   I will teach you the principles of building YOUR OWN workouts.  My goal for coaching is not to have you go on a diet for 10 weeks, then not change anything long term.

My goal is to teach people to be self sufficient in the care of their bodies.


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